• 11:34 How did I forget that "Q" is *not* the first letter in the word "conquests"? I know life isn’t a spelling qontest, but geez. #
  • 12:06 Thoughts on guys printing out pics of me & jerking off all over my image: tinyurl.com/c3739c #
  • 13:06 Annoyed by bigger names, mags, etc. that followed me on twitter, then unfollowed after I added them. Do not like collectors/users/exploiters #
  • 13:09 What makes it MORE annoying is that there are people who "deserve" my attention whose names I don’t recognize/haven’t researched & followed. #
  • 16:00 Are you on GoodReads? I’d love to add more friends. Reply or DM me if you like. I’m goodreads.com/trixiefontaine #
  • 16:12 I need to stop hating a certain someone. Or maybe not since hate is just love that’s twisted up. So maybe I need to stop LOVING this person? #
  • 18:41 So cold. So wet. So miserable outside. All I want to do is have brownies delivered (not possible), a vat of sweet hot tea & bookworm out. #
  • 22:03 Dollhouse is really started to be super-duper good. Just finished watching yesterday’s ep. Now? We’re watching FIGURE SKATING! I <3 my gf! #

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