• 10:11 We’re about to do some exercise. Voyeurs/members can spy on it on the Wherever Cam on SOY: tinyurl.com/spyonus #
  • 12:29 We ( @DeliaCD and I) just had a long talk about how enacting my crazy hair-brained scheme is not prudent right now. I feel a little sad. #
  • 15:02 Looking at ratty old pillow I saved for a "special" shoot; did I *really* think photos of me tarred & feather would arouse someone? #
  • 15:15 To be fair, I planned to use molasses, not actual TAR. #
  • 15:54 We pulled 119 books off our shelves at home to trade, donate, etc. and @DeliaCD just took a few van loads of recycling to the dump. Phew! #
  • 20:24 Took an after-dinner nap and am preparing to wake my wanker up with a surprise phone call to see how he’s holding up with purity challenge. #
  • 20:36 What a bad BAD boyfriend! He’s on the phone w/another girl in the middle of his night! I’m going to charge him double for next phone call. #
  • 22:20 Tired in a good way. Looking forward to Dollhouse. Trying to decide if I should abstain from having more quorn tacos. #

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