• 00:06:38: tastytrixie: Is there a crisis line just for abusers to call when they feel like they can’t control themselves? Because I’ve never heard one advertised.
  • 10:36:28: tastytrixie: I think St. John’s Wort DOES help me sleep. But they say you need to take it for weeks to experience anything so am I imagining it?
  • 13:04:23: tastytrixie: Going to a protest. Surprisingly this is the first organized protest I’ve ever attended. Because I hate crowds? Because I’m lazy? Hmmm.
  • 18:24:55: tastytrixie: I’m so fucking bonafide now that I’ve stood on the side of the road waving a STOP THE POLICE STATE sign.
  • 20:09:31: tastytrixie: We lost power temporarily, I guess because of the wind we’ve been having. Trying to get all the spycams back up now.
  • 22:12:22: tastytrixie: My post about the protest today: http://bit.ly/1cuGD8
    Includes flirting!
  • 22:15:06: tastytrixie: I think I got a sunburn. My eyeballs are hot.

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