• 00:03:05: tastytrixie: Just got off the phone with my wanker who has apparently found inspiration in … well, if you were listening on our cams you already know.
  • 10:31:16: tastytrixie: Dear brain: thanks anyway, but I’m really not into all these dreams you sent to me about kittens.
  • 12:24:14: tastytrixie: Experimenting with software to make our spycam broadcasts more efficient &, fingers crossed, make it possible to have MORE of them.
  • 15:30:53: tastytrixie: Yay! Experiencing feelings of spycam renaissance here thanks to @UndressJess giving me the software hints to broadcast more.
  • 17:28:04: tastytrixie: Trying to make our spycam page(s) more user-friendly/less confusing. Not sure if I’m able or if it’s even doable with current resources.

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