• 00:37:33: tastytrixie: Even with her boyfriend in jail our crazy-ass neighbor finds someone to fight with in her front yard after midnight.
  • 13:28:33: tastytrixie: Changed the water & washed the marbles & swabbed the leaves of my lucky bamboo. Maybe that will help. The plant, at least.
  • 16:03:42: tastytrixie: Picked up some thai food for lunch – it’s really sultry out there. I wore platforms out, which is not something you see me do every day.
  • 16:44:00: tastytrixie: Back to troubleshooting this webcam/spycam/microphone problem. Not at all how I wanted to spend hours today.
  • 16:57:59: tastytrixie: Sweet Jesus. Who would’ve thought that unplugging the usb connection to the handycam would make it stop working? Reinstalled drivers: nada.
  • 17:42:21: tastytrixie: I have PMS. And it shows.
  • 22:31:38: tastytrixie: Been working on the video update for members tonight, taking stills from it, etc. Need to break for exercise (on anyplace cam, voyeurs).
  • 22:48:21: tastytrixie: http://twitpic.com/c3w7r – My new pair of golden sandals & refreshed lucky bamboo.
  • 23:39:41: tastytrixie: Holy fucking crazy half-moon; it’s red red RED. Tried to get some pics; not sure if they’ll turn out.

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