• 08:28:35: tastytrixie: I’m sorry to say, 6 hours of sleep just isn’t enough motherfucking Z’s.
  • 12:08:35: tastytrixie: I went back to sleep & dreamed about the woodchopper guy. Unfortunately I wasn’t lucid so just got really horny & didn’t get any.
  • 18:59:05: tastytrixie: Sitting here, just staring at 70% unfinished @DeliaTS design. Wishing I could just go to sleep & wake up with it magically finished. I suck.
  • 19:07:12: tastytrixie: At the point where I can’t justify working on anything else before finishing THIS, but feel paralyzed & exhausted so am doing NOTHING. Ugh.
  • 19:19:51: tastytrixie: Blueberries are good. REAL good. So was getting to see a rerun of that time Joaquin Phoenix announced his rap career on Letterman.
  • 22:00:06: tastytrixie: Feeling guilty about working on my phone sex listings instead of working on @DeliaTS site.
  • 22:57:08: tastytrixie: We just spent over a half hour stretching; TOTALLY needed that. Felt great. Stiff & semi-painful, but great. I feel so warm now!
  • 23:05:28: tastytrixie: Sigh. Just got hit with malware checking out a thread on a forum with a big list of my free galleries.
  • 23:40:17: tastytrixie: I think I’m turning off my machine tonight / WebWhoreHQ cam will be down in case this virus isn’t gone; don’t want it to play overnight.

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