• 03:31:49: I want to stay up all night reading and find someone to deliver unto me eggs benedict. I mean, deliver eggs benedict unto me.
  • 03:32:25: Deliver ye spermies unto me eggies! Benedict? Pass the tabasco, I’m feeling FRISKY!
  • 11:54:39: Enjoying @AmberLily’s “MySpace Sucks” blog entry & pics: http://bit.ly/qX4g3
  • 20:02:47: Trying not to fall off my chair into a dead sleep before finishing/posting a couple of new galleries for members.
  • 20:09:35: Considered shooting a facial video tonight but really I just want to fuck for fun (not photos/vids) in bed then fall fast asleep.
  • 20:51:22: Members-Only Update: POSTED. And now? After waiting forever for video to render? Just. Want. To SLEEP. And watch Merv’s Crosswords.
  • 21:41:39: Yay, for sweet, messy period sex! Just enjoyed some much needed fuck-n-cuddle (not in that order) time.
  • 22:38:31: @TastyTracy Oh man, how did I *miss* those? Hehehe – bleeding on unicorn maxis would be great.
  • 23:55:53: Considering making my site “tour” a wordpress blog / letting my blog function at a more visible/integrated level.

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