• 00:03:22: Listening to the amazing voice of Alison Krauss turns my entire body into one hard, shivering, giant erect nipple. Cold, high, crazy pretty.
  • 01:12:37: OMFG – how hot is Annie Clark / St. Vincent? Just saw her on Jimmy Kimmel & got so very excited in so many MANY ways. LOVE TALENT!
  • 01:13:14: And seriously, it’s so refreshing to see a woman truly rock an instrument OTHER THAN A FUCKING PIANO.
  • 08:15:55: I woke up with a really upset stomach, not enough sleep. Wonder if I’m going to puke . . . gross.
  • 10:43:55: My morning thus far has consisted of puking and pooping. It sucks. I just want to fall asleep and feel better.
  • 13:11:20: I feel better. Really curious what made me sick, but I guess there are some things better left a mystery.
  • 13:27:54: Upsetting = @DeliaTS parents mailing her a religious book, addressed in big letters to her boy name.

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