• 11:18 Weird thing #6790 that annoys me for no reason upon waking (because I hate the morning): someone whose name is spelled Daved. With an "e". #
  • 11:24 Upon walking back from our mailbox & seeing a strange insect, I’m amazed by how many bugs I don’t know names for. I shall call them "Daved". #
  • 13:53 Labor day weekend in Western Washington is shaping up to be a gloomy one for all the wage slaves who can’t pick their days off. Poor yous! #
  • 15:28 Working on getting things lined up for our water/electricity-less shooting adventure next week & still plugging away on DeliaTS.com design. #
  • 19:50 Fuck this shit; I’m ordering a motherfucking PIXXA!!! #
  • 23:12 Just finished watching Waitress. Andy Griffith was *great* in it but there were things about the movie that made it hard for me to love it. #
  • 23:13 Yes, I know . . . I loved Twilight but found Waitress really irritating. I can’t defend it, it’s just the fucking truth. Sue me! #
  • 00:57 The reason I can’t get anything done is revealed by how much I hate Conan O’Brien’s too-liney set: is.gd/2WV7w YES! I’M CRAZY!!! #
  • 01:07 I know it sounds hysterically funny, but I’m actually having a mild anxiety attack right now looking @pics of all-not-parallel-on-Conan- set. #

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