• 11:01:27: Just home from pap smear. “Enjoyed” the Dr. dismissing all info gleaned from & shared on the internet as shit. BITE ME, docs.
  • 11:04:03: The good news is that I scored the LAST open spot for a writing workshop I really want to attend. And I thought I was registering too soon!
  • 12:07:17: My show is coming up in one hour. Members go here & click on RUDE to enjoy: http://tinyurl.com/ourcamshows
  • 19:46:36: New gallery & vlog posted for my members: http://tastytrixie.com/members if you want to hear me talk about today’s pap smear/gyn exam.
  • 19:51:57: Wait a second . . . Patrick Swayze is dead? I am going to go lie in bed and feel old. Is North and South on DVD?
  • 21:44:08: Nothing like some snacks & shit to lift my soggy spirits: http://www.snacksandshit.com/2009/09/411.html

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