• 10:35:28: Fun for today = putting green food coloring in our crystal bowl water containing the mist maker! We are totally living large.
  • 13:58:41: Just got home from a 12 step meeting — I totally needed that.
  • 16:44:27: RAD! I love reading good fan mail. I like reading guys’ porn wishlists, especially if it’s hoping for an encore of something I’ve done b4.
  • 18:46:36: Embarrassing = voyeurs watching me watching videos of myself, openly amused and delighted by myself. SO FUCKING NARCISSISTIC it’s funny!
  • 18:47:06: Note: I’m watching myself for a reason, for ideas for video montage / sample for site redesign.
  • 19:03:39: Just posted a new vlog & gallery for my members, including some wet pussy shots. My fave is the one where my peehole is clearly visible.

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