• 10:10:15: Yay! Woke up to a bunch of helpful / good / interesting emails!
  • 11:55:34: SO HAPPY! Delia’s new site is now totally approved to accept members: http://deliats.com (also added sugar daddy membership plans).
  • 15:09:23: I just made the LAST post to my old blog: http://www.tastytrixie.com/blog/ From now on? It’s all at http://tastytrixie.com FUCK YEAH!!!!
  • 16:51:29: Posted a new entry, “Dream Inspired Sex & Delia’s New Site” on my NEW BLOG / revised site: http://tastytrixie.com
  • 17:46:40: Must. Get out. Of HOUSE!! Be back later, refreshed and freshly plumped.
  • 21:25:23: You guys have no idea what a trooper @amberlily is. She is the ultimate positive attitude, put-on-a-happy-face webwhore (w/out being fake).
  • 21:35:32: We’re now going to watch the newly dramatized Grey Gardens with Drew Barrymore’s version of Little Edie. Will Ifall in love with her again?
  • 23:51:15: @Mia Oh, you delicious little flatterer!! Totally needed the tweety-hugs tonight, so thanks! Good to hear from you w/your design skills!

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