• 00:05:07: Watching Californication. Wishing my head didn’t still feel fat and my nose so raw.
  • 11:46:45: I have to drink more fluids today to loosen up my congestion. How’s that for a hot Friday plan?
  • 13:22:00: Lots of housecleaning to do in prep for family coming over tonight; can’t wait to see my little nephews!
  • 13:52:58: Compliment of the day: “WOW – ur hot, id suck a fart right outta ur butt,love jackin off over you”. Gosh, I’m on FIRE!
  • 14:56:18: @maylingsu Whoah – thanks for that link; Never heard of her, but I need to sink my teeth into that one. Beautiful . . .
  • 16:01:55: @katstories I so fucking wish the media would cover military recruitment in the exact same way as that story.
  • 19:47:39: Watching “The Rescuers” with nephews, @DeliaTS, sister & bro-in-law.

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