• 00:45:59: Tonight is magic – watching Stardust and getting verrrrry sleeeeeepy.
  • 10:03:08: Totally amazed our power and internet connections stayed up with all that wind during the night.
  • 11:40:19: OMG — @Mia is too sweet: http://formspring.me/miavondoom/q/53010695 (blushblushblushblushblush).
  • 11:41:46: RT @Clintus: Why Conan vs Jay doesn’t matter: By the time they’re talking about it, the web has already put it to bed. http://bit.ly/8ETBqh
  • 11:45:27: Enjoyed a lengthy stretch & breaking up of stale chi in our parlor listening to new age music & enjoying blue skies outside picture window.
  • 12:26:06: Virtual high of the day: dancing in tiger stripe robe to Jerry Garcia Band while eating banana. YES on cam! Done (for now) though.
  • 12:28:06: I’m in the mood to shoot some video (fucking, BJ and/or masturbation) but in NO mood to wash my hair or shave. Too much dirty stuff already.
  • 20:19:11: In the process of uploading the first half of my members-only galleries, writing the text to go with them, and looking forward to dinner.

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