• 00:42:22: Just posted my members-only vlog (and four galleries)and I think it’s a charmer; I pose a lot, amuse myself, and discuss my hemorrhoids.
  • 04:32:22: Just got off a long phone conversation with our friend Ron. Need a snack and some cuddling now.
  • 13:03:41: I know what you’re going to say, but I really wish my PM Dawn CD wasn’t scratched / didn’t skip & repeat when played.
  • 13:57:16: Had some breakfast, sipping on tea, taking care of some bills, looking forward to paying a girl to touch me all (almost) over in an hour.
  • 19:25:03: Just wrote/sent a couple of emails I’ve been procrastinating on for months. Hope I worded them appropriately/effectively/didn’t sound dumb.
  • 23:16:34: Hope to go to sleep early tonight to make up for staying up until 5 am last night & not getting enough zzzz’s.

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