• 18:14:09: We’re home! Going to pee, heat this house up, and try to catch up on whatever action we missed on our night off.
  • 19:25:51: Registering a domain for one of my mom’s community projects that is pretty fucking cool. She’s insane, sometimes in really good ways.
  • 21:12:53: I should be editing pics for my members but instead I’m getting carried away with ideas & work for my mom’s project.
  • 23:17:34: I hope “The Man Who Loved Women” redeems itself; so far should be called “The Intensely Creepy Fucking Dickstain who Stalked Women”.
  • 23:19:25: RT @Literatrix: RT @SayenCroWolf RT @Jesus_M_Christ: In heaven, UR pets can speak & mostly complain about U masturbating in front of them.
  • 23:41:41: Jesus — my peehole looks HUGE in some of these pics. Like, gaping peehole. That seems weird.

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