• 01:45:48: Gross! I got four bad pistachios tonight. REAL bad. In my mouth. In other news, my members-only update is posted.
  • 12:12:59: I’m awake, and that’s what matters. Or maybe it’s a big part of what matters. Or maybe doesn’t matter as much as the world thinks it does?
  • 13:28:42: Loved stretching a little in the warm sun of our parlor. Going to try to brush the dog now.
  • 15:06:43: I now have to take a shower & wash my hair to get ready to go to the salon. Where they will wash my hair. Totally dumb repetitive girl shit.
  • 19:29:32: RIP Howard Zinn.
  • 19:50:20: My hair, @DeliaTS ‘ hair, and our dog’s fur are now looking a whole lot better. Too bad I feel like eating a pie and falling asleep, though.

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