• 11:41:23: Ever look at one of your well-formed turds in the toilet & think, “you know, a cock about that size & shape would be LOVELY!” No? Just me?
  • 12:22:02: I just fondled a stack of 20s, 5s, and 1s with my eyes closed and pretended they were hundred dollar bills instead. It felt really nice.
  • 13:19:10: What’s that, you creaking groaning protesting twat of a machine? You want me to SLOWLY shut you down and restart before you’ll work?
  • 18:30:16: I got a really nice present of an autographed book/dedicated to me from someone in town. I love people.
  • 18:45:26: Getting pulsatingly excited watching another webwhore’s videos (I’ve got permission to post one of them for members tonight!).
  • 18:49:58: OMG — my hitachi magic wand is MIA! Fuuuuuuuuuuck . . . .
  • 18:55:34: Is this a sign that I should torture myself with denial and write a whole bunch of excruciatingly maddening porno-erotica stories?
  • 19:07:29: You want to see someone with a really bad temper? See me, when I haven’t had enough sex. And my plans for a quick video? AGGRAVATED!!!!!
  • 20:47:34: Just shot a masturbation video then @DeliaTS and I went into the bedroom and fucked (was visible/audible on our spycams for members).

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