• 11:13:46: It’s a sunny morning: we’re going to take our dog for a walk. I hope it wears her ass out good.
  • 11:28:26: If it weren’t for the amount of snow on the mountains you’d have no idea that it’s winter. SUCH a nice day with so much blue sky!
  • 13:07:51: Just got home from our walk; our poor old dog could barely keep up. We saw some cool stuff. Took some pics & video w/camera phone.
  • 14:35:49: Heading out to make trip one of errand-running. Personal assistant: where ARE you?
  • 15:43:36: Uh-oh. I got into a wee bit of shopping trouble downtown. But . . . but . . . SALE! And spontaneous goodwill DISCOUNTS!
  • 18:13:11: Excited about the two photo+video shoots I’m about to do of @DeliaTS. Getting hungry though. Might need a snack first.
  • 21:05:45: So. Fucking. EXCITED. after recording that naughty video of @DeliaTS – it became instructional for all of her naughty valentine puppy dogs.
  • 22:51:21: My pussy is so wet it’s blowing bubbles after shooting a video in which I spank @DeliaTS and train her with a butt plug.

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