• 02:16:48: Been asleep for a whopping two hours when dog starts up with her crazy old middle-of-the-night crap. I feel sorry for all of us.
  • 10:08:01: @DreamnetRob Ahhhhh, I still think they were responsible for that rash of compromised twitter accounts (like mine)awhile back.
  • 10:11:45: @DreamnetRob Yeah, no kidding. Of course, I don’t know for sure & maybe it will come back up; still, I stopped using them after that.
  • 11:55:31: At a free movie. There’s a dude here wearing an orange life jacket all buckled up.
  • 18:45:52: I took a nap and dreamt of railroad tracks, big waves, and a lady running a bed & breakfast who bathed me.
  • 21:48:51: I made my hair HUGE to go watch belly dancers but they were sold out by the time we got there. Wah!!!
  • 23:56:22: Been watching “A Serious Man” and eating naughty food (pate, prosciutto, etc.)in bed to make up for our going-out fail.

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