• 13:59:46: Added a couple more pics to http://goodreads.com/trixiefontaine this AM as an excuse to reiterate this link (& get more bookish friends?).
  • 14:21:07: And a dark cloud accumulates over my head as I head out to run stupid fucking errands. The endless cycle of mundane spending.
  • 15:45:23: Don’t most people feel energized when they get b vitamin shots? Because I feel like dropping like a rock into a heavy coma.
  • 16:30:52: Ahh, thanks for the info @DivineQueenBee – and now I will apply your testimony towards NOT feeling guilty about taking a binge ‘n nap break!
  • 17:54:10: Does anyone have a recipe for fake pus? I’d like to pour a bunch of the side of my head/face to give myself something to pick at. #crispypus
  • 19:30:25: Just posted crone moon pics and furious piano playing in my blog: http://www.tastytrixie.com/feminism/crone-moon-martha-argerich-pics-vids
  • 21:38:47: @AaliyahLove69 Wow — tell him he’s a fucking rapist and maybe you’ll drop in on him some night & rob his ass while he sleeps? I don’t know.

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