• 12:26:05: Does good sex ever feel like swallowing a big egg to you? It does me: http://www.tastytrixie.com/sex/a-big-deep-aching-gulp/
  • 14:24:14: Just got home from scouting out places outside where we can shoot, we hope with some fruit trees in full bloom.
  • 16:03:26: RT @mediajorge: thought of you… 🙂 @ Flavorwire » Shepard Fairey’s May Day Mural on Bowery & Houston http://shar.es/m72wt #MayDay
  • 16:57:27: Yay! @DeliaTS dug out an old corset I didn’t even know she had so I have something exactly right to shoot in tomorrow in the place we found!
  • 17:18:13: Everything is blossoming so much earlier this year than last. Kind of insane!
  • 19:23:05: I can’t wait for @DeliaTS to come home so we can eat some more and cuddle. Maybe turkey sausage patties and drippy fried eggs?

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