• 10:56:55: I’d say it’s a beautiful sunny day if we’d gotten up at 6 am to shoot outside, but it will just be too bright & glaring (& busy)at 1 pm.
  • 10:58:04: So yeah, praying here for some clouds to roll in FAST!!
  • 15:13:05: Got sorta “caught” twice by dudes while we were shooting me with my tits out and bottomless. Sigh. If I knew they wouldn’t rat us out . . .
  • 15:17:13: Oh god . . . serious case of high noon cellulite. Glaring overhead light on pale cottage cheese is TROUBLE. Kinda cute though.
  • 15:35:59: Just a reminder: we have webcam shows scheduled tonight! Members go here to enjoy: http://tinyurl.com/ourcamshows
  • 18:09:31: Some/a lot of our SPYcams will be down for a few hours tonight while we’re doing WEBCAM SHOWS to speed broadcasts & try to keep them smooth.
  • 19:02:13: Going to reset my machine and take a break before getting ready & doing my show at the top of the hour.

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