• 00:33:23: SHIT. I was logged into my civilian facebook account when Goodreads prompted me to publish there too … can’t tell if I just outed myself.
  • 01:31:13: @reptilegrrl The weird thing is it *says* it published, but I don’t see it on either of my FB profiles. Is good, but I fear a delayed post.
  • 12:44:32: RT @aagblog: Imagine if the Tea Party Was Black: http://ephphatha-poetry.blogspot.com/2010/04/imagine-if-tea-party-was-black-tim-wise.ht
  • 12:46:26: Getting ready to do some exercising wearing only a sports bra, shoes & socks on cam: http://tinyurl.com/spyonus in a few minutes.
  • 13:27:22: I’m sweaty now! Putting my nightgown back on to do some stretching now that my muscles are warm.
  • 17:04:15: RT @RogueReverend: RT @allthatisdave: WWJD: Who Would Jesus Deport? #sb1070 #az
  • 23:11:02: Just another romantic night cleaning up smeared-in dogshit off the ground. I say “romantic” because that’s @DeliaTS job, not mine.
  • 23:46:32: Okay, so I made it more romantic by helping. Don’t want to talk about it more than to say we are going to be taking time off with our dog.

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