• 11:20 Trying to balance not knowing when the cable guy is going to come fix us with not knowing when the vet can come put our dog to sleep. #
  • 11:22 Stressful, but it’s days/weeks like these where I am EXTREMELY GRATEFUL we work at home for ourselves. Thank you members & supporters!! #
  • 12:51 Cable guy was just here for almost an hour, checked everything & discovered there really *IS* an outage in our area! S/b fixed in 2 hours? #
  • 12:51 Note: the reason I give these updates on our cable is for our members who might wonder why most of our spycams are down. Need internetz! #
  • 16:41 Yay! Our main internet co nnection finally came back up! Getting the cams logged back in (they may go down while the vet is here later tho). #
  • 17:00 Nico is lying in her bed right now, no idea that the vet is on her way to come put her down. I feel a little sick to my stomach & shaky. #
  • 18:05 I feel so fortunate & blessed we were able to say goodbye to our dog in such a peaceful way @ home. Many emotions here. Thanks for the hugs. #

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