• 10:41 You don’t ever want to smell my pussy in the aftermath of eating pizza with linguica sausage. #
  • 11:58 Scanning a bunch of pics of the dog for @DeliaTS to make a blog entry. Cute puppy pics to come! #
  • 13:20 @Volfie99 LOL — you’d be amazed at how fast & far the aura of garlicky sausage travels. It’s mind boggling. #
  • 14:47 The first time Unhappy Hipsters has gotten it TOTALLY WRONG: is.gd/bM7Ff #
  • 20:08 Sometimes the comments people leave on promos of me are so funny, like that I’m lying about what state I’m in: is.gd/bMpQs #
  • 21:06 Bad idea = looking at youtube vids of husky pups. WE ARE NOT GETTING ANOTHER DOG NO NO NO NO SPECIALLY NOT A PUREBRED WORKING DOG! #
  • 23:20 Yes, @DeliaTS and I spent hours today drafting posts with pics about our dog and still aren’t done. We are tired old lesbos, I guess. #

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