• 01:00:10: Sometimes camming just makes me extra horny. So @DeliaTS and I just had some sweet sex. Must say, her new tits are AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!
  • 08:59:21: Really sleepy after having nightmares all night long. Seriously, I was asleep less than 90 minutes & already deeply immersed in freaky shit.
  • 13:28:26: HILARIOUS: World War II is full of plot holes, and the writers should all be fired: http://bit.ly/c43Lyf
  • 14:45:36: People making me suck up their cigarette smoke on a summer day waiting for a ferry make me HATE.HUMANS.SO MUCH!!!!
  • 14:54:23: Seriously, the skin around my mouth is burning from these shitholes’ smoke. I turned up STATIC on my radio to drown out their noises tho.
  • 15:08:17: Ugh. Just noticed they have those stupid TESTICLES hanging from the rear of their stupid shiny red moron truck.
  • 15:21:42: On a more positive note, The Mountain: http://twitpic.com/25bfxz

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