• 08:24:53: Just awoke from a dream that I was working in a sawmill. Because of the noisy sawing our neighbors are doing for real. #noisepollution
  • 08:31:09: Also, my right leg and feet are so sore from my massage yesterday I can barely walk. I am limping and in pain. #firstworldproblems
  • 08:32:25: RT @jizlee: RT @laughingsquid: world’s oldest person on Twitter @ivybean104 passed away in her sleep at age 104 http://bit.ly/bzQz5L /vi …
  • 08:40:44: I also dreamt I was one of The Golden Girls. I now have big band music stuck in my head: “I’m the SHEIKY man . . . of Araby” #oldsoul #dork
  • 13:34:06: It may have been overkill to take ambien this morning in attempt to reclaim just 2 hours of wayward sleep.
  • 15:26:57: Awesome! Stumbled unwittingly onto a beasty site from a clips4sale store. Their theme song is Greensleeves sung in German w/accordian.
  • 23:45:04: I think I’ve realigned my brain to make the rest of this week both awesome AND productive.

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