• 09:11:43: Going to spend a little time with our nephews today & do my cabin thing later . . .
  • 09:37:17: I love your new avatar, @Elligirl ! Really any image of you is just fundamentally gorgeous and sexy, though!
  • 10:10:03: People & their fucking grapes! Think porn’s bad? Try wasting land on addictive decadent booze. Lefty faux farm capitalist indulgence.
  • 10:11:17: (I don’t really think it’s that bad, I was just trying on a new rag).
  • 10:56:34: Whoah . . . my butt cheek is sore from that b-vitamin shot! I feel like drifting into a dense coma, we’re going on a trek to visit family.
  • 17:41:38: My nephews are so far beyond adorable. They’re in, like, the Delta Quadrant of adorable!!
  • 18:13:42: Calling our cable company to see why our internet connection went down, taking most of our cams with it.
  • 18:15:08: Cool! All I had to do was dial the number and tweet about it and it came back up — woohoo! Cams will be back in a few moments.
  • 19:28:13: Do you think eating a green apple Zotz might be a good cure for nausea? I’m going to give it a whirl!

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