• 00:37:52: You guys should totally check out @DreamnetFaith69’s cute & informative video stewardess tour of her blog features: http://faith69.com/blog
  • 18:28:12: Canadian programmer sentenced to die in Iran: http://ynot.com/content.php?r=116332-Canadian-Faces-Death-in-Iran-over-Porn
  • 18:31:39: Since they consider menstruation obscene, I would love to see that list of hate groups processing w/visa & mc: @chrisorourke @danaseverance
  • 18:59:07: I thought to myself, “as long as you’re charging a bunch of hard drives on your Dell account, BUY A PS3 TOO!” So I did! Porn & movies on tv!
  • 19:01:39: Now if only the qwest dsl phone dude tech guy actually FIXES the line tomorrow so we can use it for porn “reviewing” purposes . . .
  • 21:13:56: Does it make me an asshole if I think my GF @DeliaTS should make me bacon & french toast as my reward for setting up the PS3, Netflix, etc.?

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