• 00:41:39: Mmmm . . . my period just started and I feel beautiful about it. I love having a wet red middle finger.
  • 17:47:54: Blushing & LOLing: @katsnacks “I like that I have a secret blog mostly for @tastytrixie. And that’s not a sarcastic “I like.”…”
  • 18:13:21: Just stuffed a sea sponge into my bloody twat for the first time thanks to @AmberLily’s advice. I love it already! Shooting soon . . .
  • 18:24:28: If you’re seeing me on cam with a lingering grin, I’m staring at hilarious pictures of our nephews.
  • 22:23:23: I hear you, @reptilegrrl – considering the other destructive things I contribute to & unsanitary things I use it’s a drop in the bucket tho.
  • 22:25:12: My eye makeup is ridiculously overdone considering I’m wearing John Deere branded socks in this shoot but NO WAY am I removing & reapplying.

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