• 11:37:23: I haven’t been spending much time at the cabin – haven’t even been there in days – so I think that’s where I’m headed this morning.
  • 16:42:59: Thanks to @AmberLily I am able to quickly feed myself lunch today: a nice quick burrito and a mug of hot chocolate!
  • 17:39:59: Getting really super stimulated putting together some guest galleries for members. I can’t help it: schoolgirl roleplays excite me A LOT.
  • 19:22:00: Playing a word game on kindle while vid encodes on 1 machine and waiting for other to start up (the problem child computer).
  • 21:05:14: Mr. Shrdlu is turning me on with informative talk about “The Philippine Trench” and my cleavage. But I must focus on these schoolgirls!!

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