• 11:59:50: Downloading curvy pics we shot last night before I head to the cabin before I come back to do shows! Cross fingers for computer cooperation.
  • 15:09:12: My webcam show (free for members) starts in just under two hours (4 pacific)! Members go here: http://tinyurl.com/ourcamshows
  • 15:47:55: Excited to have some cocoa and a burrito for lunch before my pre-show tub time.
  • 15:52:49: The problem with me getting exercise regularly is that I’m then totally agitated and storm-tempered if I DO NOT get it. Like right now.
  • 18:43:34: SO DEPRESSING: RT @Toni_KatVixen Princeton Grad Student And ‘Brilliant’ Programmer Dies In Apparent Suicide http://huff.to/feYIRo
  • 18:50:29: Bravo, Bill Zeller: “People say suicide is selfish. I think it’s selfish to ask people to continue living painful and miserable lives.” TRUE
  • 18:59:16: I wish everyone would read that letter & understand that drug abuse, suicide, etc. aren’t character flaws, bad choices, own fault, etc.
  • 19:47:31: Getting ready to shoot photos of @DeliaTS . . . photos AND video, even.
  • 22:40:18: LOL – yes! And on a big pink dong, too! @Volfie99 @tastytrixie Did Delia just jizz on the floor during that photo shoot? 🙂

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