• 10:49:04: Trying out a new method for doing “things” today. (Sorry for the boring tweet, but my poop this morning was nothing to crow about).
  • 16:14:40: I have a bunch of emails I wrote at the cabin (NEW METHOD!) in my outbox. And a NEW ERROR when I try to send them. Will fix after lunch.
  • 17:51:30: @chrisorourke I fixed it thx to google. Moved tbird to the laptop & different ISP so it was bitching about SMTP. Using gmail for outgo now!
  • 18:15:29: Did you say “fart” and “indie porn girls”, @greenguy89 ? Because you know that resembles me.
  • 18:49:22: I just pleasantly fulfilled my yearly log-in-to-yahoo-messenger quota chatting with @reptilegrrl ! Probably won’t sign in again until 2012.
  • 19:39:07: The launch of “My Smelly Pussy: Fully Loaded” (J/K): http://www.tastytrixie.com/announcements/my-smelly-pussy-2-0/
  • 22:52:00: Since @DeliaTS is camming her ass off ( http://deliats.cammodels.com ) I figured I should pull myself away from the PS3 & do more work!
  • 23:05:32: The trouble with getting blog entries and members-only updates done in advance is I don’t want to wait to post them!!
  • 23:05:56: RT @DeliaTS: Had a nice little flurry of camshows. Then I came. Think I’ll call it good for toinight.

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