• 00:16:26: We’re putting together outfits to shoot in; @DeliaTS picked out & reserved a (cheap, in-town) room for us next week for a couple of nights.
  • 00:39:17: It’s hard to resist non-stop eating from sundown until after midnight in what @DeliaTS is making “The Year of The Waffle”. Details later?
  • 00:54:32: So SO tired of people acting surprised gay guys get/got it up for wives & make/made babies, or thinking that’s PROOF! of straightness.
  • 01:02:11: Well if we ever have a Great Waffle Slumber Party, we’ll make sure to invite you @AaliyahLove69 – @DeliaTS is waffleizing EVERYTHING now!
  • 01:07:58: You know, I don’t think that, either though, @chrisorourke : bi & omnisexuality DO exist so not an either/or (plus some just fantasies).
  • 02:05:16: I know, I KNOW! We’re watching too much TV!! (watching The September Issue via @gomiso) http://miso.io/9hleNH
  • 14:40:09: Really excited to see Black Swan except for these chatty bitches wearing way too much fucking perfume. Oh GOD & noisy teens just entered.
  • 16:57:01: OMFG! Black Swan: amazing flawless brilliant beautiful true hot LOVED – so glad we made it to the big screen to see.
  • 23:33:46: Enjoying checking out @DrBeaverboy ‘s site: http://drbeaverboy.com – hope you do too! Glad he found us via @FurryGirl .

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