• 01:57:42: Tomorrow is going to be awesome! But I promise myself I’m not going to pressure myself into using it to “make up for today”‘s slack.
  • 01:58:58: Members: I have shows at 4 pacific (7 eastern) Friday and Saturday, with @DeliaTS shows following at 5! Members-only chat at 2 Saturday!
  • 02:13:52: Thanks to @SequoiaRedd for this cool link – E. Coli Bacteria Could Become Our Next Computer Hard Drives : TreeHugger http://t.co/Ko9gKZw
  • 12:25:24: My period just started! That could bode well for my webcam show (4 pacific!) if you’re into that . . . not yet sure if I’ll hide it or not.
  • 13:57:56: Chubby Angel in a Necktie. I believe that will be the name of this gallery of pictures I’m editing right now.
  • 19:55:33: I will not bitch about my computer I will not bitch about my computer I will not bitch about my computer I will not not not not SHITOHDEAR
  • 20:20:14: Sweet: @DeliaTS is making up for my unsexy at our house by logging in soon to do MORE HOT SHOWS! http://deliats.cammodels.com
  • 22:54:16: If not for my machine’s obstinance over past 8 hours (& my naivety in thinking it would cooperate for camming) I’d have new stuff 4 members.
  • 23:07:20: The good news is that I ran back & forth between that & bedroom computer all night to make good progress on another cam-related project.

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