• 12:19:50: An unsexy description of how I’ve been sick since December: http://www.tastytrixie.com/health/overdue Yes, a post about lame-o ill health.
  • 14:03:21: Judging from the view of her spycam, @DeliaTS is really fucking herself hard on http://deliats.cammodels.com right now!
  • 14:04:42: LOL @Volfie99 – that’s what I like to hear! I want @DeliaTS’ wang to ALWAYS be in the corner of people’s eyes when they communicate w/me!
  • 15:09:37: Woohooo!! That’s awesome, @hypnoticriver – getting riled up and excited thinking of you slamming fists to the table.
  • 15:15:27: Working on a small site intended to clarify all the different ways to see me on cam, etc.
  • 17:19:45: Why am I so afraid people will mock me for loving Chuck Klosterman so much? It doesn’t make SENSE . . . what’s not to love?

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