• 10:05:18: Yum – love the feeling of a fresh pair of contacts in my eyes. Doing housework now; not quite so “yum”.
  • 10:37:43: With my big time astigmatism and eyes still changing I have no interest in lasik, @myredbook – I think I’d still have to wear lenses.
  • 10:40:33: I feel so old! @DeliaTS is paying for us to have yard work guys. This fellow is an adult, but younger than we are. I have food on my shirt.
  • 10:53:08: Trying not to stare (on accident!!!!) at him out the window while he’s working. Trying to leave boy in peace. I’m wearing old lady sweats.
  • 11:57:01: LOL @pg240 – I think I only said “on accident” BY accident! And “on accident” might be backwoods, not generational. 😉
  • 12:38:40: Weird! The yard guy left without getting his money . . .
  • 16:23:27: RT @DeliaTS: Slipped on some black nylons and a six strap garter belt for my webcam shows on @streamatehttp://deliats.cammodels.com

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