• If Nicki Minaj had to be taught / is still learning stripper booty moves then I guess I can relax about lack of talent in that department. #
  • Trying not to point myself out as "the best ass eater" to @NICKIMINAJ. Only bc she'll get 5 billion tweets like that. #notoriginal #crushing #
  • Instead of writing 1,667 words a day for NaNoWriMo this month I should make that my words per day for blogging goal. Maybe. #
  • Note: that thing I said earlier isn't a race thing, it's a size & awesomeness thing: I assume anyone awesome w/a big butt is born twerking. #
  • Chemistry so far today: omegas, tylenol, hormonal birth control, and the embarrassingly youthful femme "Go Girl: Bliss" energy drink. #
  • Working on system for providing self with small ritualized rewards / breaks when I finish little tasks / chunks of work. #
  • Polaroid style topless pic of me, yeah wearing another hat! I haven't washed my hair in a week, but check me tomor http://t.co/lzWnkZDv #

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