• Oh goody! I can keep peeing in my shower AND keep it from SMELLING like I pee in the shower!! http://t.co/4egEbgX8 #HaveCakeAndEatItToo #
  • I hope it's a really veiny realistic dong like throb, @tantus – only BIGGER than throb! Or something alien in new colors . . . in reply to tantus #
  • I have an ex-girlfriend who says some of the stupidest shit on Facebook. Like dumb conservative ignorant gender issues stuff. WTF!?! #
  • Anyhoo, back to getting this wet & soapy photo gallery ready for members. Go get a show with my RIGHT NOW girlfriend! http://t.co/cXSXwuFC #
  • Another night where I waste an hour writing a blog entry, then decide against publishing it. DELETE DELETE DELETE. All for the best. #

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