• Major rat's nests/tangles in my hair from all the fucking/head rubbing rhythmically against pillows, etc. #
  • Aaaand I believe some more fucking is about to happen on our bedroom spycam post-morning-dancing. #
  • Highlight: The Hunter licking @DeliaTS & I from asshole to asshole while she and I fucked. #
  • Another highlight: The Hunter eating @DeliaTS cum out of my pussy. Then @DeliaTS eating The Hunter's cum out of my pussy. #
  • Get it while it's hot: hairpie pic and a blog entry about breakfast & our fluid-filled threesome action: http://t.co/MWcb0Pr9 #
  • SEX plus fried chicken, mashed potatoes & chocolate cake hedonism interrupted to pay the bills & make new budget. #
  • Unexpected magic: geminids meteor shower blowing streaks of brilliance over my head when I stepped out of the cabin. #

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