• Dude running just caught me in the woods with my pants down finishing up a piss. #
  • He just said hi and kept running, @medic250 … actually felt pretty normal, oddly(?) enough. in reply to medic250 #
  • RT @DeliaTS Yay! Hunter picked out the perfect X-mas tree last night. http://t.co/1zB0FCqc #
  • Nudie pic of the day with a solstice reflection: http://t.co/Cebhlp4k #
  • Had a rocking orgasm with my fingers & vibe while The Hunter & @DeliaTS licked & sucked & kissed & groped my boobies. #
  • Candles lit all through the house by @DeliaTS who observed Solstice in a very thoughtful & sweet way. LOVE YOU, HONEY! Here comes the light! #
  • Heads up, members: we're doing our group webcam shows on Friday (as usual) and TUESDAY the 27th due to holiday stuff. Hope to see you there! #

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