• My nudie pic(s) of the day wearing only a necklace, shot with phone using available natural winter light: http://t.co/8vkxz6Ok #
  • I have a tiny booger clinging to my nose hairs in this picture set I'm editing for members but am not going to photoshop it out. SNOTPOWER! #
  • Ahhh, no – @BrooklynBeast Good question, but I would not allow a dingleberry to appear in any of my photos. Unless as a singular novelty. in reply to BrooklynBeast #
  • We just got some exercise on cam, then I sucked The Hunter until he fucked me on the couch & gave me my first load of cum for the day. #
  • We are, @sabrinaswings !! Gosh I miss you . . . you are a role model to me in so many ways – big hugs to both of you! Think of you often… in reply to sabrinaswings #
  • Look! The Hunter has a twitter account & a blog coming soon . . . follow our boyfriend, @HRugaru !! #
  • We still have to set up wordpress & schtuff, @GOtrixieracerGO – I was too lazy to wait & re-edit the profile of @HRugaru to add it later 😉 in reply to GOtrixieracerGO #

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