• A bunch of super-hot free pics of @DeliaTS : http://t.co/2s33RN0Q including SUPER SHINY PANTYHOSE & 100% nylon stockings! #
  • A totally obscenely sticky gooey hot-pink overfucked pic of my cunt for my nudie pic of the day: http://t.co/xU8foiC7 #
  • When I'm hungry & want to be alone I can get really insanely hostile about protecting my bubble of solitude & quest for comfort. #
  • You're awesome, @IsobelWren – that's so flattering to me! I'm sorry I've dropped the ball at being in better touch; I admire you lots! in reply to IsobelWren #
  • Even worse than watching vid of ~7 cops murdering mail in a cell is going to news site & reading freaky-ass racist comments supporting it. #
  • How in the world did I manage to type "mail" instead of "man"? Nobody murders mail in a cell. Deleted tweet; was a downer anyway. #

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