• 09:59 My most fervent desire for today is to not have a headache. That doesn’t *sound* very ambitious, but BOY is it ever aiming high. #
  • 12:00 During breakfast in bed I cracked out the laptop & wrote a couple of good outlines. Here’s to fleshing them out. Someday. #
  • 12:03 @elvisontour What was the bfast? My usual chocolatey luna bar, tea (lady grey today), and vitamins. Nothing extravagant. Like Eggs Benedict. #
  • 17:59 Failed to achieve my goal of not having having a headache today. Just woke up from disturbing midday nap dreams. #
  • 18:05 I love hearing from members & fans who are 70 & older. It’s not *that* old, but I often feel a bond with people born in the 1930s & earlier. #
  • 18:35 I wish there were other treatments for too-much-REM-sleep/dreaming than anti-depressants. Don’t. WANT. #
  • 20:17 Just doing my day three post mud wrap follow-up detox of a bath in Epsom Salts. First time. It’s so cheap & old-fashioned: I love it. #
  • 20:33 Dear Washington Post: when I click your breaking news link on N Korea’s rocket, I don’t want January story about Hudson River landing. #
  • 21:36 Interview w/ amazing Charlotte Roche: is.gd/qNZI our contradictory feelings re: sex, messy human bodies, etc. Like meeting a sister. #

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