• 10:14 I figured out what my problem’s been lately: I tried a new thyroid stimulating supplement & wasn’t taking enough of it. Back on iodine now. #
  • 10:31 @sissydollyanne Iodine (+ other stuff) worked great but "Thyrostim" requires taking more than I was popping past few weeks. All OTC. #
  • 13:47 I just posted a new PH gallery & silly video for our members and @DeliaTS is about to upload video for members for tonight, too. #
  • 14:08 Taking a break from the computer for lunch & a shower. Will try very hard to stay awake / not to nap. Hard time sleeping last night. #
  • 14:09 I have no idea what all this #openvideo stuff is that ppl are tweeting about, but it’s all true. #
  • 16:31 I just posted a little something on the Trixie’s Houseboy blog (yes, in dire need of a makeover): is.gd/17HRV #
  • 21:23 I shouldn’t have looked at this before bed: Grrr… RT @swopusa: From Ontario, Canada: Yes, but are hookers REAL Women? bit.ly/TuXX6 #
  • 23:02 Ohhhh . . . YEAH! Great movie, "Hard Eight", hidden for $9.99 at the store. Lovely surprise gift for ourselves tonight. #

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