• 12:30:24: Mmmm . . . going to do some stretching. I’ve been hunched over the keyboard & mouse in very ugly ways for too many hours &too many days.
  • 13:34:35: I look like a crazy person, but I am *NOT* fixing my hair hours before we shoot tonight . . . going to the bank and stuff sloppy now.
  • 17:14:44: I just did a weird self-massage with some so-called “yoga” balls and think the toxins I released are about to squirt out of my eye sockets.
  • 22:29:06: http://twitpic.com/eomrl – Guess what kind of video we’re about to shoot! Lip Gloss? CHECK! Mouth open? CHECK!
  • 23:03:12: @AaliyahLove69 Awww, thanks! I too am really glad I am getting to know you through Twitter (& away from GFY madness, etc.).
  • 23:06:33: It always amazes me how impossible it is for me to watch video of myself sucking cock without licking my lips as I watch.
  • 23:12:37: Oh god, people think it’s uncomfortable when I *don’t* talk during videos, but when I do talk? GUARANTEED TO MAKE THINGS *REALLY* AWKWARD!

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