• 01:26:37: Knock on Wood: brilliant song & performance. ♫ http://blip.fm/~c25vo
  • 02:39:35: Mmmmm . . . love the decadent richness of smearing my face with almond oil. Makes me feel soothed, pampered and beautiful.
  • 04:05:02: I so love staying up all night with a good book. Or even a bad book. Any book that’s even a little worth reading all night. “Edward! Jacob!”
  • 14:02:31: Got the audio working again on our NightVision cam & am now editing cocksucker video that I *hope* to get posted tonight.
  • 15:56:37: Cleaning house in prep for my sis & nephews to spend a couple of nights. Also, encoding BJ video for members.
  • 17:34:28: BJ vids are only about 25% uploaded and the family’s only about an hour away SO it will be LATE tonight or tomorrow that they post.
  • 18:46:30: The family is here so most of our spycams & audio will be down for the next . . . 40 hours or so?
  • 23:40:34: Members: here’s the new blonde cocksucker video (I’m not able to record a vlog on the updates pg until tomorrow so here): http://is.gd/2t3ED

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