• 10:05 Ooogh . . . too much rich, dairyful food last night with not enough lactaid. Paying the price now. #
  • 12:38 Trying not to barf. Wondering how long I can sit without liquid poop burbling out of my butt. Appt. to get hair done in 45 minutes. Gah! #
  • 16:07 My hair is officially really blonde again for real. Yes, it COULD be blonder/fakier, but the color is kind of perfect right now. #
  • 19:29 Getting ready for a camshow at the top of the hour – super sleepy, but it will be NICE. Magic wand & maybe Jackhammer Jesus? #
  • 21:38 I’ve got so many friends who are going through / have gone through horribly challenging s cary shit. My worries are so petty by comparison. #
  • 21:51 @Elligirl Your mac & cheese (among other things) sounds SO FUCKING DELICIOUS!! #
  • 21:53 @Elligirl You are wickedly sweet, creamy-skinned dairy-filled TEMPTRESS!!!! 😉 #
  • 23:20 I can’t believe I did it again: turned on the wrong burner and ruined another pan / almost burned the house down. Where is my head lately? #

These were chunks of my life yesterday as posted on my twitter page, automatically shipped by LoudTwitter