• 11:00:15: Still feeling out-of-it after dreaming for hours about KH. Intense dreams of rejection/unrequited love/adoration & google stalking. Barf!
  • 11:36:11: Getting ready to trek to suburban mall land for @DeliaTS laser appointment & to buy decorations for “sets”, panties, etc. for new shoots.
  • 12:39:31: http://twitpic.com/p0tn6 – The fucking hood canal bridge is closed. Sitting here waiting.
  • 19:56:30: Just got home. FINALLY. I wish we could afford to do all of our shoot-shopping for an entire year crammed into one week.
  • 23:06:20: Took a break from SYTYCD to check stats & see if some things are tracking right and people in our network being properly credited for sales.

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